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Jessica Crawford LMT
Finger Lakes School of Massage Spring Class 2012

Jessica believes in an integrated approach to each Client's needs and has learned to listen to her hands as they are guided by the Client's muscles, held tension, and general body vibe. Drawing on knowledge of principles of Shiatsu and combined with Swedish, KAM, Trigger-Point, Reflexology, and Energy Work, each Client receives an appropriately tailored session unique to their specific needs.  

With warm hands, a kind heart and an accommodating personality, she feels that she was born to be a body worker and healer.

"Through my work, my goal is to bring more peace of mind, tranquility, and education into each client's life. We are all in this together, hence, the name Global Heart.. with all of the stress and unkindness in the world today, I believe that if we can each tap into our heart and the hearts of each other, the world will be a much better place. By taking care of ourselves first we are then more able to take care of others and the love grows exponentially. Before you can truly help someone else, you must first help yourself.

My Family, Friends, Clients, Instructors and Colleagues are all very important to me. When I am not working in my office giving massage or doing research, I am either at the gym, running, studying foreign languages, or doing other fun things to improve myself, my business and everyday life for myself and those around me."



Sarah Tobey LMT
Finger Lakes School of Massage Summer Class 

Sarah is a Cortland local and a skilled intuitive Massage Therapist who has been Reiki certified since 2010. Her work is focused on promoting an overall sense of well-being and balancing the emotional, physical, and energetic bodies. She also offers guided meditations to help others find a sense of peace and clarity in their day-to-day lives.




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